Edgar Vance
Edgar Vance
Appeared in Blade: Trinity
Actor John Michael Higgins

Edgar Vance is psychiatrist who's working with Danica Talos


Blade: Trinity

Dr. Edgar Vance is a famous psychiatrist, and he has written a number of books on criminal pathologies and on conspiracy theories, one of the latter regarding the "urban legend" on vampires' existance. In reality, Vance is a familiar of the Talos Family, and his duty is to keep the population unaware of the activities of vampires. He, along with Chief of Police Martin Vreede, appears in a TV show to scientifically demonstrates that vampires are a mere legend and that Blade is a dangerous serial killer and a psychotic vigilante.

When Blade is arrested by FBI, Vance comes in for a psychological profile, and, wanting to grant him to Danica Talos, he declares his patient mentally unstable, suggesting the intervention of specialists (actually, Danica and her minions) to take custody of him. While the FBI agents are complaining about the decisions, Vance reveals himself to Blade as a Familiar, mocking him for having being subdued by a mere human.

Later, when Blade is freed by the Nightstalkers, Vance is reached in his office and killed by Drake, who wants to prevent him by talking to the vampire hunters. Drake assumes his shape and ambushes Blade and the Nightstalkers, while Vance's body lays on the ground behind his own desk.

Character traits

Doctor Vance is a very intelligent and smart man, he's a famous criminal psychiatric able to redact criminals' profiles and to understand their personality. As all Familiars, Vance is very ambitious and dreams to be a vampire. He's quite cold-blooded, as he helps vampires to completely annihilate human race without remorse.


Behind the scenes

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