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Rumors about Doctor Strange.


  • CONFIRMED: Benedict Cumberbatch will play Stephen Strange[1]
  • DEBUNKED: Edgar Ramirez is taking about doing the film.[2][3]
  • DEBUNKED: Daniel Radcliffe is talking with Marvel about doing a movie.[4][5]
  • DEBUNKED: LL Cool J will have a role in the film.[6][7][8]
  • DEBUNKED: Josh Brolin will return as Thanos.[9]
  • DEBUNKED: Morgan Freeman, Bill Nighy and Ken Watanabe are the contenders for The Ancient One.[10]
  • CONFIRMED: Chiwete Ejiofor is wanted for a role.[11][12][13]
  • DEBUNKED: Chiwete Ejiofor will portrayed Borther Voodoo.[14][15]
  • DEBUNKED: Juliet Rylance is cast as Clea.[14][15]
  • DEBUNKED: Simon Baker will portray Baron Mordo.[14][15]
  • DEBUNKED: The role of Ancient One is down to Morgan Freeman and Ken Watanabe.[14][15]
  • DEBUNKED: John Cho will portray Wong.[14][15]
  • CONFIRMED: Tilda Swinton is in talks to portray The Ancient One.[16]
  • CONFIRMED: Chiwete Ejiofor will portray Baron Mordo[17]
  • Rachel McAdams is cast in a female lead role.[18]
  • CONFIRMED: Rachel McAdams' role is Christine Palmer.[19]
  • CONFIRMED: Mads Mikkelsen is Kaecilius.[20]
  • DEBUNKED: Mads Mikkelsen will portray Kaluu in the film.
  • DEBUNKED: Mads Mikkelsen will portray Dormammu.
  • DEBUNKED: Tom Hiddleston will reprise his role as Loki.[21]
  • DEBUNKED: Benjamin Bratt could play Dormammu.[22][23]


  • DEBUNKED: Dormammu and Baron Mordo will be the villains. (Dormammu appears)
  • CONFIRMED: The Ancient One, Cagliostro, Azrael, Jade Claw, Wong, Al- Faisal and Talo will appear as allies to Doctor Strange.[24] (only The Ancient One and Wong appears)
  • DEBUNKED: Baron Mordo will be the film's main antagonist.
  • DEBUNKED: Clea will be Strange's love interest.
  • DEBUNKED: Daniel Brühl may have the opinion of his character from Civil War being a major villain in the film, with his character rumored to be Baron Zemo or Baron Mordo.[25]
  • DEBUNKED: Dormammu will be referenced ala Thanos.[14][15]
  • DEBUNKED: Scarlet Witch will appear as an apprentice to Strange and will appear in future sequels of the franchise.[14][15]
  • DEBUNKED: Umar will appear.[14][15]
  • DEBUNKED: Dorrmammu will be the film's main antagonist.
  • DEBUNKED: Death will appear.[26]
  • DEBUNKED: Baron Mordo will be the film's villain while Dormammu is foreshadowed in the post credits scene.
  • DEBUNKED: Eternity will appear.
  • DEBUNKED: The Sons of Satannish are the film's main antagonists.
  • DEBUNKED: Kaluu will be the main antagonist of the film.
  • COMFIRMED: Jericho Drumm/Brother Voodoo and Tina Minoru will appear.[27]


  • CONFIRMED: Strange will encounter the Ancient One, Dormammu and Jade.
  • DEBUNKED: The film will set before or during Phase 1.[28]
  • CONFIRMED: The film will revolve around paranormal/supernatural entities.
  • DEBUNKED: The film will not be an origin story.[29][30]
  • CONFIRMED: The film will use the Lords of Shamballa storyline.[31]
  • CONFIRMED: One of the Infinity Stones may appear, possibly the Time or Soul Stone.[14][15]
  • CONFIRMED: Strange will rock his traditional blue outfit, complete with a red cape. He will also be wearing a vest of some sorts, but largely, Marvel will be going with Strange's classic look, which should be a relief to fans. The general look and aesthetics of the film are apparently on a whole other level visually, with things like astral projection and levitation being used a lot.[32]
  • CONFIRMED: Much of the action will also reportedly take place 'between dimensions' and feature 'Inception-like visuals', which sounds promising.[32]
  • DEBUNKED: Dormammu will also apparently be leading the Mindless Ones, rocky humanoid creatures who have repeatedly been used by 'door-mouse guy' against Strange. [32]
  • DEBUNKED: The Quantum realm from Ant-Man will be seen again.
  • DEBUNKED: Much like Journey into Mystery, Tales to Astonish and Tales of Suspense were reference, the film may reference the comic series Strange Tales.
  • DEBUNKED: Dormammu will appear in a mid-credits scene.
  • SPOILERS: Thor appears in a mid-credits scene.[33]


  • CONFIRMED: Walt Disney Pictures will make the film.
  • CONFIRMED: Marvel and Disney thought about making 10 minute short films which introduce secondary characters like Black Panther, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, etc.
  • CONFIRMED: Marvel has hired Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer as screenwriters for Doctor Strange.
  • DEBUNKED: Details about the film will be announced at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.
  • CONFIRMED: Filming will begin in Fall.[34]
  • CONFIRMED: Christopher Young may work on the music for the film. [35]


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