Appeared in Blade: Trinity
Status Deceased
Actor Ron Selmour

Dex is one of the Nightstalkers.


Blade: Trinity

Dex is a member of Hannibal King's cell of Nightstalkers, a group of vampire hunters. When Hannibal and Abigail Whistler save Blade from FBI, Dex provides them a mean to escape, taking them on a minibus to the Nightstalkers' base.

Dex participates to the meeting following Blade's rescue. King informs the fellow teammates that Danica Talos has found Drake, the first vampire, and has made an ally out of him, and Sommerfield announces that her newly developed virus, Daystar, is ready, and that Drake's pure DNA combined with the virus can be the key to annihilate the vampire race once and for all.

Later, while Abigail and Blade are on hunt and the rest of the team is at the base with an injured Hannibal King, Dex is seen playing basketball with his teammate Hedges. They're approached by a man resembling the deceased Abraham Whistler, but, when they come close to him, they find out that he's in reality Drake shape-shifted, and are quickly killed by the vampire.

Character traits

Dex is an easy going, cheerful vampire hunter, who serves as the transport expert in Hannibal King's team. Although he doesn't display any combat abilities, it is implied that he's skilled in vampire hunting, being an operative in King's cell.



Behind the scenes

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