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Rumors about Deadpool 2.


  • CONFIRMED: Ryan Reynolds will return as Deadpool.
  • T.J. Miller will return as Weasel.
  • Hugh Jackman may appear as Wolverine in a cameo appearance.[1]
  • Stephen Lang will portray Cable.[2][3]
  • Bella Thorne wants to portrayed Ladypool.[4]
  • Ron Perlman will portray Cable.[5][6]
  • Kyle Chandler and Mackenzie Davis will play Cable & Domino.[7][8]
  • Liam Nesson will be portraying Cable.[9][10][11]


  • Squirrel Girl will make an appearance.
  • CONFIRMED: Cable could have a role.
  • Domino will appear.[12]
  • Bob will appear.
  • Taskmaster will appear.[13]


  • Deadpool will gained Extended longevity, teleportation,holographic disguise and a magic satchel.
  • Vanessa will become a mutant.


  • DEBUNKED:The film will replaces Fantastic Four 2 's release date.[14]
  • The film will be titled Cable and Deadpool.[15]
  • The film may have the October 6, 2017 or January 12, 2018 release date.[16][17]
  • The film's title will be call Deadpool Number Two.[18]


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