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Rumors about Deadpool.


  • Squirrel Girl will make an appearance.
  • Daniel Cudmore will reprise his role as Colossus in the film. [1]
  • Peter Outerbridge has a role in the film as Ajax/Francis. [2]
  • Apocalypse will have a major role in the film.[3]
  • Cable could have a role.


  • Seth Green, Justin Long, Jay Baruchel and Justin Bartha are rumored to portray Weasel.
  • CONFIRMED: Ryan Reynolds is still slated to play Deadpool and other actors are not being considered. [4]
  • DEBUNKED: Ryan Reynolds has left the film.[5]


  • CONFIRMED: Deadpool will break the fourth wall.
  • CONFIRMED: Deadpool will be a reboot and ignore The Deadpool version from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  • Deadpool will mock his appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  • This film will be the first piece in the jigsaw puzzle that will set up the X-Force movie.


  • DEBUNKED: Robert Rodriguez has been offered the chance to direct Deadpool. [6]
  • DEBUNKED: Swedish music video director Adam Berg is in talks to direct the film. [7]
  • Deadpool's creator Rob Liefeld had posted a list of directors to direct the film which are The Wachowskis, Joe Carnahan, Genndy Tartakovsky and Sylvester Stallone. [8]
  • Fox are looking for comedy directors to direct the film. [9]
  • The film will be a comedy and get a 'R' rating due to gore. [10]
  • Due to the Studio's focus on The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Ryan Reynolds being really busy, the film not might start shooting until 2014 and might not be released until 2015.
  • DEBUNKED:  There will be a teaser of the movie after the credits of the Deadpool game.
  • This might be Fox's next big project for the X-Men series.
  • The film will be announced at the 2013 or 2014 San Diego Comic Con.Ryan Reynolds has left the film. [5]
  • The film will get a 2016 release date. [11]
  • The film may be released in 2015.
  • The film may take the July 13, 2018 release date.[12]
  • The film will be R-Rated if it has a lower budget, and PG-13 if it has a higher budget; this decision is the currently delay in green lighting the film. [13]


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