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David Wenham

David Wenham

David Wenham will portray Harold Meachum in the Netflix series Iron Fist.

Significant roles

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  • "I play Harold Meachum. I play Ward’s father, Harold. He was a business partner with Danny Rand’s father. They have a corporation called Rand. He’s a very wealthy, powerful individual, so that was fun to play, ’cause I’m not.
  • In terms of the family dynamic, I think it’s fine to say that the relationship between the three of them — Harold, Ward and Joy — is complex, to say the least. It’s multilayered, it’s multidimensional, it’s surprising and it’s forever changing, depending on the circumstances. It’s forever evolving. And, you know, it’s a strange relationship.
  • Ward is a character in the comic books, but I can’t say too much. I would say that we’re not necessarily beholden to representing him exactly as he appears in the comic book.

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