Dark Overlord of the Universe
Appeared in Howard the Duck
Actor Brian Steele (voice)

The Dark Overlord of the Universe is a powerful alien enemy of Howard T. Duck.


Howard the Duck

The Dark Overlord of the Universe is a powerful alien, member of an ancient race of worlds' dominators. Confined in an alternate dimension, the Dark Overlord seeks revenge and waits for the occasion of his dominion to come back.

When Dr. Walter Jenning tries to send Howard T. Duck back on his planet, something goes wrong and the Overlord is brought to Earth, where he takes possession of Jenning's body. He reveals himself in a diner, just a moment before destroying it and kidnapping Beverly Switzler for having her as a host for another member of his race. After taking possession of a truck, the Overlord comes back to the lab, but Howard, with the aid of Phil Blumburtt, hits him with an experimental neutron disintegrator. The alien seems destroyed, but in reality he's just been expelled from Jenning's body, thus gaining his original form. After a hard battle, Howard manages to hit him again with the disintegrator, killing him, and then destroys the dimension machine preventing other Overlords to come to Earth.

Character traits

The Dark Overlord of the Universe is a powerful being, who disposes of many powers: while in a host, the Overlord possesses pyrokinesis and telekinesis; in his original form, he's a gargantuan monster with incredible strength, speed and stamina, able to project plasma beams from his tail, with many prehensile tentacles and sharp teeth and claws.

The Dark Overlord only exist for destruction and domination, eager to establish once again his race's dominion over the whole universe.


Behind the scenes

  • The Dark Overlord wasn't supposed to appear at the end of the movie.
  • Stop-motion effects during the climax were designed by Phil Tippett, who began with a clay model before upgrading to more sophisticated pieces.