Daniel Ketch
Daniel Ketch
Alias(es) Danny Ketch
Little Turd
Appeared in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Status Alive
Actor Fergus Riordan
"What if you have to pee when you're on fire?"
―Danny Ketch [src]

Daniel "Danny" Ketch is a boy who travels with Johnny Blaze. He is the half-demon son of Nadya and Roarke.


Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Danny is the son of Nadya Ketch, a rom girl, and Mephistopheles, lord of Hell. He was born in order to give the Devil a proper human body to walk on Earth in, since every other is quickly consumed by his powers: Danny possesses the Devil's powers since birth, and he's able to use them without being consumed by them.

At the age of ten, when the time in which the Devil, now going under the name Roarke, will possess his body, Danny is taken by Nadya in Benedict's fortress, where the monks will protect them. Unfortunately, Ray Carrigan, now working for Roarke, easily breaks in the fortress and kill all the monks, forcing the two of them to flee; only Moreau's help avoids Danny's capture.

After stealing a man's money, Danny is ready to escape with Nadya, but they're easily tracked down by Carrigan, who manages to kidnap the boy despite Nadya's resistance and Ghost Rider's intervention. Acknowledged of the Rider's presence, Roarke casts a spell on the boy, so that Zarathos won't be able to perceive him at distance. Danny, anyway, is not an easy hostage, and forces Carrigan's car out of the road, succesfully killing one of his captors; during the following escape attempt, anyway, Danny breaks an ankle and is captured once again. He's taken in an excavation point, where Carrigan buys some weapons from a dealer in order to be able to fight the Rider, who attacks immediately after the deal is done. During the fight, Nadya frees Danny and takes him awat, but, smelling the Devil's blood, Zarathos starts to follow them: awakening his demonic powers, Danny stops the demon from hurting him or his mother, thus permitting to Blaze, back as a human, and Moreau, to bring them to Methodius' secret sanctuary. Methodius, anyway, doesn't want to protect Danny, but to kill him: as the monk is ready to decapitate the boy, Carrigan, now Blackout, arrives at the sanctuary and kills all the monks, and Danny is captured once again.

Danny is brought in Turkey, in the place farest fom Heaven. In here, Roarke starts a ritual to possess the boy's body. The ritual is interrupted by Moreau and Blaze, come to the rescue: the effort seemes pointless, since Moreau is easily killed by Blackout and Blaze is about to end the same way. Danny, now conscious of his powers, gives back Zarathos' curse to Johnny, who's able to transform in Ghost Rider once again. During the following fight, Danny is taken by Roarke, who tries to escape with him. They're reached by Ghost Rider, who kills Roarke. Danny is heavily wounded from a car accident caused by Zarathos, but the demon, turned an angel as he originally was, heals him with his powers. Danny is now free to live in peace with Nadya, and to use his powers for the forces of good.

Character Traits

Danny can be seen as the stereotypical kid. Though he is very brave for a boy of his age.

Powers & Abilities

Danny, being the half-demon son of Roarke, has the potential to be the Antichrist and possess vast infernal power greater than any other demon. As his powers are the same as his father's, Danny possesses these abilities:

  • Immortality: Danny has the potential to physically live forever and never grow old or get sick, hungry or suffocated, though he can still be slain by supernatural means.
  • Superhuman Strength: Danny can lift heavy objects that even grown men cannot lift, such as a large chunk of cement.
  • Resurrection: Danny can raise the dead either as undead minions or fully living beings.
  • Demon Sensing: Danny can sense the presence of the Ghost Rider.
  • Demon Command: Danny can control the Ghost Rider to a degree, such as verbal commands or forcing him back into human form.
  • Healing Factor: Danny's broken leg healed completely in a matter of hours without aid.



  • Canon (1 film)


  • In the comics, Danny Ketch becomes Ghost Rider after Johnny Blaze.
  • In the comics, Danny is also Johnny Blaze's brother.
  • The blue-flamed Ghost Rider appearing at the end of the movie, in the comics it's an appearance of Danny Ketch, once he becomes an agent of the angel Zadkiel.

Behind the scenes

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