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Daily Bugle
Appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man
The Daily Bugle is a news conglomerate, which owns a newspaper and a news broadcast, and is also present online.


The Amazing Spider-Man

The Daily Bugle, through its news channel, covers the story of the new masked vigilante in New York, from his first appearances to his official revelation and his conflict with the Police Captain George Stacy.

When a "Dinosaur" shows up, copies of the Bugle newspaper ask its readers to find proof that the giant lizard really exists, offering a reward. Peter Parker tries to claim the reward by taking pictures of the Lizard as Spider-Man, but his camera is destroyed in the following fight.


  • The new version of the Daily Bugle is more similar to the Ultimate comics' one, being a news conglomerate instead of just a newspaper.
  • Before the release of the movie, many viral campaings featured broadcast from the Bugle.

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