Cross Particles
Cross Particles
Creator(s) Darren Cross
Owner(s) Darren Cross
User(s) Darren Cross
Function(s) Subatomic particles allowing the user to grow or shrink
Status Inactive
Appeared in Ant-Man

The Cross Particles are subatomic particles that is a replicated version of the Pym Particles, which can increase or decrease the size and mass of objects or living beings, the mass being extracted from or shunted into a subatomic dimension known as the Microverse. It is used in the Yellowjacket suit. The process of altering size compresses force and energy, manifesting as brief shockwaves of vibration around the target, which enhances the amount of force the target can generate. It also enhances the density and resilience of a target, making them stronger and harder than normal. Living subjects of this develop inhuman effort and exertion capabilities, notably giving them the force of a bullet while shrunk.



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The Cross Particles are similar to the Pym Particles, have the capability to alter the scale, mass, strength and density of organic and inorganic subjects, most notably to reduce them to the size of an insect while retaining their normal strength density, enhancing it as the subject shrinks. In reduced scale, a subject is enhanced by enhanced density and strength, as well as compressed energy and physical force of the subject, which results in an organic subject to possess unnaturally high levels of physical effort and exertion capability and also astonishing strength and durability.

This is done by adding or shunting mass from a subatomic dimension from which the particles gain their abilities; however, unlike the Pym Particles that simply takes a physical and mental toll on the user, the Cross Particles eventually causes the user to go insane, due to the fact that Darren was unable to perfectly replicate the Pym Particles.


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