Clea Lake
Appeared in Dr. Strange
Status Alive
Actor Eddie Benton

Clea Lake is the love interest of Stephen Strange.


Dr. Strange

Clea is a normal psychology student. On an afternoon, coming back home from the library, she meets a strange woman, who does something strange to her: when she regains consciousness, Clea discovers she has just thrown an old man down from a bridge. Thinking that she has killed him, Clea comes back home in shock. She doesn't know that the strange woman was the witch Morgan LeFay, who possessed her body to fight her enemy, the Sorcerer Supreme thomas Lindmer.

At home, Clea tries to sleep, but the image of the woman keeps haunting her. She tries to escape from her, but she finds herself in the streets, without even remembering who she is. Found by a taxidriver, Clea is brought to an hospital, where she is recovered in psychiatry. In the hospital, she is seen by a doctor, Stephen Strange, who tries to understand the origin of her delusional state: the girl, in fact, is only able to remember than, if she'll fall asleep again, she'll die because of a mysterious woman. Despite Strange's opposition, Clea is given a sedative by a nurse, and falls into a coma: her soul, shocked by Morgan's possession, is trapped in the higher plans of the astral plane, and cannot find her way back to the body. Dr. Strange manages to reach Clea's soul thanks to Lindmer's help, he defeats the demon Balzaroth and saves Clea, making her find her body again.

The morning after, Clea is up and well, and she remembers little of what has happened in the astral plan, believing it to be a dream anyway. She becomes attracted to her doctor, and dates him for the same night. During their dinner, anyway, Clea sees again the woman in the mirror, and is afraid everything is about to begin again. Clea faints, and Strange agrees to take her place following Morgan, who just appeared in the room.

When Morgan is defeated, Clea comes back to be a regular girl, and can start a romantic relation with her former psychiatric.

Character traits

Clea is a normal girl, a student who gets caught in events beyond her comprehension. She is good-hearted, an innocent soul whose corruption would please The Nameless One.



  • Non-Canon (1 film)

Behind the scenes

To be added


  • In the comics, Clea is not a human, but she is the daughter of Umar and the niece of Dormammu.


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