Appeared in Blade II
Status Deceased
Actor Matt Schulze

Chupa is one of the vampire warriors trained to become part of the Bloodpack, an elite team formed to hunt down and kill Blade.


Blade II

During the first mission of the Bloodpack at the House of Pain, Chupa kills a number of Reapers (and even some normal vampire, considered "trash" since they're not vampires born) and, along with teammate Reinhardt, tortures one of them with UVA. When Priest is bitten and transformed, Chupa tries to kill him for ending is pain, but the metamorphosis is gone too far and only sunlight manages to finish him. Chupa blames Whistler for the loss of his friend, since he wasn't in his position during the attack, and seeks revenge.

During the second mission, in the Prague's sewers, Chupa separates from the rest of the group and attacks Whistler, beating him up. Whistler, anyway, activated a Raper's pheromones dispenser, so that a group of the creatures approaches the place in which the two are. Whistler manages to escape, but Chupa is eaten alive by the Reapers.

Character traits

Chupa is a violent and brutal vampire, who often is dominated by anger. He's very linked to his teammate Priest, who's a sort of army brother of his.

Like all the other vampires, Chupa posses superhuman senses, strength, speed, stamina and reflexes, and he's invulerable to any wounds but decapitation. He feeds on human blood and has the same weaknesses of his kind, alas sunlight, silver and garlic. He's a member of the Bloodpack, a vampire elite of warriors, so he's a very skilled fighter and has got a deep knowledge on weapons.



  • In a deleted scene, Chupa makes a briefing with the Bloodpack and try to convince the team to kill Blade and then search for the Reapers by themselves.

Behind the scenes

To be added


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