trivia about Captain America.

  • In Captain America's original story, a man named Steve Rogers - who is too weak and puny to fight in World War II - is injected with a Super-Soldier Serum and develops an enhanced physique, after which he becomes Captain America and does battle with the agents of Nazi Germany. This back-story was rejected by Republic during the making of this serial, as it would have required costly retakes at the time. In the serial, Captain America's real name is Grant Gardner, he is the city's district attorney, and his foe is the Scarab, aka Karl Maaldor, played by Lionel Atwill.
  • Chapter Titles:
    • 1. The Purple Death
    • 2. Mechanical Executioner
    • 3. Scarlet Shroud
    • 4. Preview of Murder
    • 5. Blade of Wrath
    • 6. Vault of Vengeance
    • 7. Wholesale Destruction
    • 8. Cremation in the Clouds
    • 9. Triple Tragedy
    • 10. The Avenging Corpse
    • 11. The Dead Man Returns
    • 12. Horror on the Highway
    • 13. Skyscraper Plunge
    • 14. The Scarab Strikes
    • 15. The Toll of Doom

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