Appeared in The Punisher
Actor John Pinette
Bumbo is the friend and neighbor of Frank Castle.


The Punisher

Not much is known about Bumbo's past before meeting Frank Castle. He is good neighbors with Joan and Dave and is a lover of the culinary and operatic arts, often singing while he's cooking. Upon meeting Frank, he at first thought Frank was some kind of psycho and hid in his apartment when Frank was torturing Mickey Duka for information. However he warms up to him when Frank throws out Joan's abusive boyfriend, even offering to make Frank some Ice Florentine. He along with Dave and Joan were seen dancing and singing to opera not hearing Frank's struggle against The Russian, until it comes crashing into Joan's apartment. Thanks to Bumbo leaving it on the stove earlier, Frank uses a cooking pot full of boiling water to dispatch The Russian, inadvertently saving his life. After Joan and Frank hide, Bumbo was present when Dave was being tortured by Quentin Glass, not uttering one word about Frank despite watching his friend suffer. Bumbo is not seen again until after Frank wipes out the Saint's family. Bumbo, Dave and Joan as per Frank's instruction, find the money Frank Stole from the Saint's, a pile for each of them.


  • Frank Castle - friend and neighbor.
  • Dave - Best friend and neighbor.
  • Joan - Best friend and neighbor.


  • Canon (1 film)

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