Appeared in Kick-Ass 2
Actor Claudia Lee

Brooke, is a ringleader of a teenage school posse, who is Mindy Macready's classmate, and highschool bully/nemesis.


Kick Ass 2

When Mindy stars high school, she insulted his backpack. She and Mindy meet in a slumber party. When the classmates are in gym, Brooke do his talent, she look Mindy's acrobatic and gets jealous. Mindy upstage her in cheerleading tryouts, her jealousy of Mindy gets out of hand. When Mindy asks a boy to a date, she pulls a horrible prank on Mindy. The next day, Mindy gets her revenge on her by using a vomit-device on Brooke and her friends in front of everyone.

Character traits

She is crafty, mean and beautiful, she likes to manipulate anyone and is known to have a temper if angered.



Behind the scenes

To be added


  • Brooke appears to replace the character of Debbie Foreman from the Hit-Girl comic series.


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