Bobby Saint
Bobby Saint
Appeared in The Punisher
Actor James Carpinello

Bobby Saint was the son of corrupt businessman Howard Saint.


The Punisher

Not much is said about Bobby's past except that he was close friends with his bodyguard and that he buys weed from Mickey Duka. The latter of which caused him to learn that Mickey was dealing in illegal weaponry on the side and wanted to go with him to pay for the weapons. A move he thought would impress his father. He tells his bodyguard to stay behind on the deal against Howard's prior orders and goes with Mickey to meet the arms dealer Otto Krieg. Unbeknownst to both of them, Krieg is really Frank Castle an undercover cop running a sting operation against both sides of the deal. After Otto gets "shot" by one of the cops, one of his dealers shoots and kills Bobby, triggering the Saint's vendetta against Castle's family, which in turn ends up turning Frank into The Punisher.



Behind the scenes

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