Deadpool (film) 08
Alias(es) Blind Al
Appeared in Deadpool
Deadpool 2
Status Alive
Actor Leslie Uggams
"It sounds like you have a dick in your mouth"
―Blind Al[src]

Althea or Blind Al is an elderly blind woman.



Wade Wilson moved in with Blind Al after becoming Deadpool. When he worried about meeting Vanessa again, she comforted him, saying looks were not everything.

When Deadpool was preparing to go rescue Vanessa, Weasel and Blind Al gave him weapons. When Deadpool said there was a cocaine stash in the apartment, Weasel asked Blind Al if she wanted to "get fucked up."

Deadpool 2

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Character traits

Al is snarky, and tough, but has a good heart, for the most part. Though her and Wade trade insults, she does appear to genuinely care for him, acting as kind of a mother figure to him and offering advice. She appears to be a former cocaine addict and it is implied that she started doing it again after Wade left her some before leaving to kill Ajax.



  • Canon (2 films)

Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Blind Al is a white British woman. In the film, she is an African-American.