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BlackHeart live action movie-1-
Alias(es) Legion
Appeared in Ghost Rider
Status Deceased
Actor Wes Bentley

"My name is Legion. For we are many."

Blackheart was the son of Mephistopheles. He was more powerful than his father because, unlike his father, he has never fallen. He was very powerful, possessing the power to burn people alive with a single touch.


Ghost Rider

Blackheart escapes the Underworld to cause chaos in the surface world and overthrow his father. He takes over a bar in the middle of the desert and summons forth the Hidden. After Mephistopheles finds out about his escape, he sends Ghost Rider out to bring Blackheart back. Each time, Ghost Rider lets Blackheart get away while destroying a member of the Hidden.

After every member of the Hidden was destroyed, Blackheart decides to destroy Ghost Rider himself, killing Johnny's best friend in the process. Johnny turns into Ghost Rider and attempts to perform the Penance Stare on him but failts due to Blackheart having "no soul to burn". Blackheart then kidnaps Roxanne and tells Johnny to bring the contract of San Venganza in exchange for her. Johnny goes to San Venganza with the contract but instead of handing it over, he attempts to kill Blackheart. During the battle with Ghost Rider, Blackheart manages to subdue him long enough to get the contract and summon the souls to absorb them. With the 1,000 souls within him, he turns into Legion. Ghost Rider realizes that he can now preform the Penance Stare on Blackheart due to him being filled with the condemned souls. After doing so, Mephistopheles arrives and presumably takes his son's catatonic body to the back to Hell.

Character traits and ablities

Blackheart was a cruel and ambitious demon, whose aim was to become the ruler of Hell in place of his father. As a demon, he shows no pity or moral values. He's a brutal, sadistic, and violent being who only knows hate, fear and cruelty.

Blackheart possesses much of his father's powers, but since he's born in Hell and he's never fallen, he doesn't have any of his father's weaknesses and he's not affected by sacred symbols and places (he entered a church and blessed grounds like cemeteries) and light (which seemed to blind and cause pain to Mephistopheles). Apart from superhuman physical attributes, he can "poison" anyone who he touches with sulfur, burning them from the inside. Also, he can sense humans by "smelling" their fear.

Once he becomes Legion, Blackheart has all of his powers improved, and seems to be immortal, being able to recompose himself even when reduced to pieces by Hellfire. His newfound power, however, is also his only weakness, since in the Legion form he actually possesses a thousand souls. Therefore, was vulnerable to the Penace Stare a thousand-fold.



Behind the scenes


  • In the movie, Blackheart only assumes his human appearance, seen during his first comic book appearance in Daredevil. In the comics, Blackheart's true form is that of a large, black demon with tentacles or quills for "hair", blank glowing red eyes, and a long tail. However, even in the movie he, sometimes, shows demonic features. After becoming Legion, his skin turns dark blue, shows sharp fangs, and has glowing red eyes; looking a bit more similar to his comic book counterpart. In the video game version of the movie, he takes on both his human look and demon form from the comics.
  • The name "Legion", as well as his first sentence ("My name is Legion, for we are many"), is taken from the Gospel of Mark.



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