Rumors about Black Panther.



  • DEBUNKED:Nick Fury will appear in the film.
  • CONFIRMED: Man Ape, Erik Killmonger, or Klaw will most likely be the main villian.[17]
  • CONFIRMED:Erik Killmonger, Reverend Achebe and Klaw will be the film's villains. (Erik Kilmonger is the film's villain.)[18][17]
  • DEBUNKED:Marvel want to use Kang the Conqueror for future films.[19]
  • CONFIRMED:Moica Lynne, N'Gassi, Okoye, Queen Divine Justice, W'Kabi, Zuri, Malice and White Wolf will appear. (Okoye, W'Kabi and Zuri appears. Bucky is called White Wolf by young villagers.)[17]
  • DEBUNKED:Kasper Cole, the third White Tiger and the second Black Panther in T'Challa's absence, will appear.


  • CONFIRMED:This film will showcase the lineage of the Black Panther.
  • CONFIRMED:The ending of the film will lead directly into Avengers: Infinity War.
  • DEBUNKED:The Soul Stone is located in Wakanda.


  • CONFIRMED: The film will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • CONFIRMED: The film will be part of the Phase 3 of the MCU, with Ant-Man and Doctor Strange.
  • CONFIRMED: The Black Panther could be one of the untitled movie slots announced for 2016 or 2017.
  • CONFIRMED: The film will be part of Phase 3. [20]
  • CONFIRMED: Ryan Coogler will direct the film.[21]
  • DEBUNKED: Adam McKay may direct the film.[22][23][24]
  • DEBUNKED: Ava DuVernay may direct the film.[25][26][27]
  • DEBUNKED: Filming will start in Africa.[28]


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