Big Hero 6 is the soundtrack of the 2014 film of the same name and comprised of music composed by Henry Jackman.

Track list

  1. Immortals by Fallout Boys
  2. Hiro Hamada
  3. Nerd School
  4. Microbots
  5. Tadashi
  6. Inflatable Friend
  7. Huggable Detective
  8. The Masked Man
  9. One of the Family
  10. Upgrades"
  11. The Streets of San Fransokyo
  12. To the Manor Born
  13. So Much More
  14. First Flight
  15. Silent Sparrow
  16. Family Reunion
  17. Big Hero 6
  18. I Am Satisfied With My Care
  19. Signs of Life
  20. Reboot

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