Beverly Switzler
Beverly Switzler
Appeared in Howard the Duck
Actor Lea Thompson

Beverly Switzler is a singer, member of Cherry Bomb and a love interest of Howard T. Duck.


Howard the Duck

Beverly is being attacked by thugs as Howard T. Duck arrives on Earth. He decides to help her out with his unique brand of "Quack Fu". After the thugs scamper, Beverly introduces herself to Howard and decides to take him to her apartment and let him spend the night. The next day, Beverly takes Howard to Phil Blumburtt, whom Beverly hopes can help Howard return to his world but proves ignorant on the subject.

After Cherry Bomb's manager is forced out of his contract Beverly chooses Howard to be Cherry Bomb's new manager and Howard accompanies her back to the apartment. The two begin to flirt but are interrupted when Blumburtt and two of his colleagues, Doctor Walter Jenning and Larry, arrive and reveal how Howard came to Earth. When the police arrive at the lab where Jenning's device had exploded, the resulting chaos leads Beverly, Howard and Jenning to escape from the police as Jenning's transformation becomes more apparent.


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