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Betty Ross
Betty Ross JC
Appeared in Hulk
Status Alive
Actor Jennifer Connelly
Rhiannon Leigh Wrynn (Young)

Betty Ross is the love interest of Bruce Banner and the only daughter of renowned military general General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. After the Hulk's creation, Bruce and Betty split up. Ross is a cellular biologist, who is able to work with Banner on a cure for his "condition".



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Behind the scenes

  • Jennifer Connelly accepted the role only because of Ang Lee and his psychodramatic view on the character. She stated that "He's not talking about a guy running around in green tights and a glossy fun-filled movie for kids. He's talking along the lines of tragedy and psychodrama. I find it interesting, the green monster of rage and greed, jealousy and fear in all of us."




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