Baymax Render
Appeared in Big Hero 6
Status Alive
Actor Scott Adsit

Baymax is a robot created by Tadashi Hamada.


Big Hero 6

Baymax was created by Tadashi Hamada, in hopes that he could help a lot of people. After Tadashi's death, he became Hiro's best friend.

Character traits

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Appearances/Voice Actors

Behind the scenes

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  • In the comics, Hiro made Baymax instead of Tadashi. Baymax is a combination of care-giver and fighting robot that was created to fill Hiro’s void, left after his parents died.
  • In the comics, Baymax was a robotic synthformer which could take on a "dragon form". His normal form looked much more like a robot.


Big Hero 6

Promotion and Concept Art



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