Alias(es) Mr. Aziz
Appeared in Spider-Man 2
Status Alive
Actor Aasif Mandvi
"Parker, you're late, man! Always late!"
―Aziz chewing Peter out for being late again[src]

Aziz is the owner of Joe's Pizza who was Peter Parker's employer for some time, but fired him for constantly being late (due to Peter's actions as Spider-Man).


Spider-Man 2

Aziz told yelled at Peter Parker while he was distracted looking at a board causing Peter to lose control of his bike. Peter went inside with Aziz and apologised, telling him that it was a disturbance which made him late. Unwilling to tolerate Peter's failures anymore, Aziz decided to give him one last chance to deliver the pizzas, of 44 blocks in 7 1/2 minutes and threatened to fire him if he was late again.

When Peter returned, failing to make it in time, Aziz, tired of his blunders, said that a promise meant nothing to him. He then fired Peter, peeled the Joe's Pizza sticker off his helmet and walked away.



  • Raimi series (1 film)