Appeared in Dr. Strange

Asmodeus is a powerful demon.


Dr. Strange

Asmodeus is a powerful demon from the Dark Dimension, a subordinate of The Nameless One and the Prince of Hell. He serves his master and a few sorcerers, powerful enough to command him.

Asmodeus is summoned by Morgan Le Fay when she defeats Thomas Lindmer. Arrived on Earth thanks to the sorcerer's power, Asmodeus enters the Sanctum Sanctorum and takes Lindmer's soul to Hell with him.

Character traits

Asmodeus is one of the most powerful demons at The Nameless One's service. He has got authority over Hell, a dimension which is his to command. He disposes of vast magic powers and superhuman physical attributes. As a ruler of Hell, he's extremely cruel and violent.



  • Non-Canon (1 Film)

Behind the scenes

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