Appeared in Blade II
Status Deceased
Actor Danny John-Jules

Asad was a member of the Bloodpack.


Blade II

Asad was a vampire and member of the Bloodpack, trained to hunt down the vampire hunter, Blade. That objective was set aside when the Bloodpack were tasked instead with tackling the more pressing concern presented by a new breed of vampires known as reapers, and the reapers' progenitor, Jared Nomak. To this end, Asad and the others were to form a truce with Blade, and join him in this pursuit. Asad and Nyssa approached Blade and engaged him in a lengthy sword duel in order to test the vampire hunter. Despite their combined efforts, Asad found that Blade was able to to match them and had to call an end to the fight to prevent Blade from killing Nyssa. The vampires then presented Blade with their missive and guided him back to their stronghold for an audience with their lord.

Suspecting the reapers would be drawn to hubs of vampire activity, the Bloodpack staked out the House of Pain, a vampire nightclub. The hunters soon became the hunted when reapers did indeed arrive at the site. Asad fought in vain against one of the reapers, and was thrown aside, helpless to prevent it infecting Priest with the Reaper Strain.

Later, Asad was with the Bloodpack in the sewers beneath Prague when he, Blade and Nyssa were ambushed by reapers. Asad was swarmed and quickly brought down by their superior numbers.




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