Anthony Stark
Tony stark UA
Alias(es) Iron Man
Appeared in Ultimate Avengers
Ultimate Avengers 2
Actor Marc Worden
"You go for the guts, I go for the glory."
―Iron Man[src]

Anthony "Tony" Stark is a billionaire industrialist and inventor. His Ultimate incarnation differs from his mainstream counterpart, in that he was inspired to build his Iron Man suit when he was diagnosed with an illness that will kill him between six months and five years, and sought to become a superhero to avenge his family's name.


Ultimate Avengers

Tony Stark is a billionaire playboy constantly hounded by Nick Fury, who believes Stark provides the vigilante Iron Man with his technology, when in reality he is Iron Man. Iron Man first turns down an offer to join the Avengers, but later signs up unofficially for moral purposes. The Avengers failed first mission leaves Stark trapped inside his suit, forcing the team to remove it and discover he is Tony Stark. He uses the suit to defeat the Chitauri and the Hulk in the climax.

Ultimate Avengers 2

When Stark's red-and-gold suit is wrecked by Wakandan soldiers, he spends the rest of the adventure wearing the War Machine armour, his "new" favourite. He is injured in the final battle, near-death, and is revived by Thor's hammer, to which Stark replies "You really are a god."


Friends and Allies



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