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Ant-Man helmet
Appeared in Ant-Man
Captain America: Civil War

The Ant-Man helmet is a cybernetic helmet created by Hank Pym used for achieving rudimentary communication with ants and other higher order insects. It does so by mimic the pheromones of insect sized organisms, as well as stimulating their olfactory nerves using electromagnetic waves and signals. The helmet allows its user the ability to breathe when shrunken down.



The Ant-Man helmet allows its user to communicate with ants and use them as an extension of the users senses. Hank was able to communicate with Scott Lang through the helmets earpiece when Scott tried on the suit, and accidentally shrunk himself. Hank later said to Scott, without the helmet, the chemical balance in the brain is affected when shrinking.

Captain America: Civil War

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Powers and Capabilities

  • Insect Manipulation: Allows its user, through the use of radio and electric waves and signals accessed with the suit's helmet, can communicate with organisms the size of insects, especially ants, mimicking their pheromones and allowing the user a rudimentary form of control over these insects.


  • Marvel Cinematic Universe (2 films)


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