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Rumors about Ant-Man and the Wasp.



  • Michael Stockton/Doctor Nemesis will appear.
  • Elihas Starr/Egghead will appear.
  • Terrance Sorenson/Equinox will appear.
  • Olinka Barankova/MODAM will appear.
  • Alexander Gentry/Porcupine will appear.
  • Chen Lu/Radioactive Man will appear.
  • Jason Lorne Cragg/Voice will appear.
  • Eric O'Grady will appear.


  • The sequel may have a flashback scene of Hank's days as Ant-Man.[6]
  • It may focus on two Ant-Men and two Wasps, with both Scott and Hope and a young Hank and Janet (via flashback) as the title characters.



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