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Rumors about Ant-Man.


  • Simon Pegg will play a villain.
  • Brea Grant is up for the role of Wasp.[1]
  • Kristen Bell would like to play Wasp.[2]
  • Malin Akerman, Alice Eve and Rachel Nichols are all being looked at by Marvel Studios to appear in future Marvel films, the role they are up for is possibly The Wasp.[3]
  • Selena Gomez is rumored to play The Wasp.
  • Morena Baccarin, who auditioned for the role of Maria Hill in The Avengers, is rumored for The Wasp.[4]
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead is open for the part of Janet van Dyne.[5]
  • Ty Simpkins will be appearing as Harley Keener.[6]
  • Marvel are interested in Aaron Eckhart for a role.[7]
  • Rob Corddry wants to be the bad guy in the film.[8]
  • Marvel are looking at Tom Welling for a role.[9]
  • Rashida Jones is a front runner for Janet van Dyne/The Wasp.[10]
  • CONFIRMED: Paul Rudd will play Scott Lang.
  • CONFIRMED: Michael Pena has been cast in a undisclosed role.[11]
  • The studio may cast a younger actor for young Hank Pym or hiring a young Michael Douglas photo double.[12][13]
  • Marvel are offered Michael Pena, Javier Bardem and Clifton Collins Jr. for the "tough Latino" role.[14][15] According to Latino-Review's Mario-F. Robles, Clifton Collins Jr. has signed on. [16]
  • Both Jones and Bryce Dallas Howard are up for the female lead.[17]
  • CONFIRMED: Evangeline Lilly is in talks for the female lead as either Janet van Dyne/The Wasp, Pym's daughter and the love interest to Lang but it's not intended to be a one-off appearance, Jessica Drew or Captain Marvel.[18][19][20][21]
  • CONFIRMED: Patrick Wilson is in talks for a role. [22][23]
  • Simon Pegg and/or Nick Frost will cameo.
  • CONFIRMED: Corey Stoll has joined the cast.[24]
  • Matt Gerald has been cast as a villain
  • Evangeline Lily may be Janet Van Dyne.[25]
  • UFC fighter Tyron Woodley is interested in a role.[26]
  • Corey Stoll is playing Ant-Man villain Darren Cross & Patrick Wilson is playing his cousin, who may or may not become Crossfire.[27]
  • Michael Pena will be Nathan Garret.
  • Stellan Skarsgård will return as Erik Selvig.[28]
  • William Hurt will return as Thaddeus Ross in a post credits scene, and appear in flashbacks with Pym, played by a younger actor, such as Gregg Turkington.


  • Nick Fury could appear at the end wanting Ant-Man and Wasp to join The Avengers.
  • CONFIRMED: Scott Lang will also appear the film.
  • Ant-Man will be a Secret Agent instead of a inventor and scientist.
  • Patrick Wilson may portray the 1960's version of Hank Pym.
  • DEBUNKED: Eric O'Grady will appear in the film.
  • The Black Panther might appear in the post-credits scene.
  • Klaw might join the Masters of Evil.[29]
  • Egghead could be a villain in the film.
  • DEBUNKED:Vision may appear as the main antagonist.[30]
  • DEBUNKED: Scott Lang may be the villain.[31]
  • Janet will be in her 30's.[32]
  • Michael Pena's role may be the younger version of Alejandro Castillo, the Colombian drug lord.[33]
  • DEBUNKEDMODOK and Egghead will be the film's villains.[34]
  • DEBUNKED: Janet Van Dyne will be Scott Lang's love interest.[35]
  • DEBUNKED: Matt Gerald will reprise the role of White Power Dave.
  • CONFIRMED: Darren Cross will be the main antagonist of the film.[36]
  • CONFIRMED: Yellowjacket will be the film's villain.[37]
  • Hawkeye and Mockingbird could appear as supporting characters.[38]
  • Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, Arnim Zola and a young Alexander Pierce will appear in a flash back scene.
  • Bruce Banner/Hulk may appear, due to Mark Ruffalo's excitement about the movie, expressed through social networks.
  • Sam Wilson/The Falcon will appear.[39]


  • Janet will be presumed dead in an accident that caused Pym to retire, while she is actually very much alive, albeit trapped in the Micro-Verse from the comics.
  • The film will focus on Hank Pym as Ant-Man in the 1960s in Tales to Astonish style, and a flashforward to Scott Lang as Ant-Man's successor in modern day.
  • Janet will not be The Wasp, but will be a love interest and a major supporting character and would see multiple references to her future as The Wasp throughout the film.[10]
  • CONFIRMED: The film will be a heist film.[40]
  • DEBUNKED: Hank Pym could be the film's villain.[41]
  • The classic Ant-Man costume will be used. [42]
  • Hank will be a spy fighting communism for the government in '60s.[43]
  • Ant-Man's uniform is from Avengers Assemble.[44]
  • Scott Lang's story origin will be more or less the same as the comics.[45]
  • Story begins with Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) being a thief and single dad who has fallen on hard times and one day breaks into Hank Pym's apartment and steals the Ant-Man suit.[36]
  • The Ant-Man suit will be much more elaborate than we've seen so far with the helmet being able to open and close much like Iron Man and an assortment of red lights all over the suit, again in "TRON" fashion. The helmet eyes will also glow red when closed. It's said to be a much more complex and futuristic suit than we've seen so far.[36]
  • Ants (the actual insect) are the main ally and superpower for Ant-Man. Lang will speak to the ants via his helmt, just as in the comics, which is said to be a special element to the overall story.[36]
  • CONFIRMED: Darren Cross will become Yellowjacket.[37]
  • Hope will become Wasp.
  • Hope will be a love intrest to Scott.
  • This film may lead up to Master of Evil.
  • Scott will be a master thief than a con man.
  • Ant-Man and Wasp are the founding members of The Avengers.[46][47][48]
  • There will be a post end credit scene which will leave up to Captain America: Civil War.[49][50]
  • There will reportedly be two major fights between Ant-Man and main villain Yellowjacket. The first will take place in a briefcase as it falls out of a helicopter, while the second (and final) brawl between the two will be the fight around the Thomas the Tank Engine set we saw in the second trailer. Apparently, we'll see the two accidentally enlarge objects whilst fighting, including an ant and Thomas himself, who apparently crashes out of the room and onto a car outside.[51]
  • Hope Van Dyne will apparently become the Wasp, but it won't happen in this film.[51]


  • Disney has purchased the Ant-Man movie domain.
  • The Avengers director Joss Whedon is helping out with the film.
  • DEBUNKED: This will be the start of Phase 3 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.[52]
  • Details about the film will be announced at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.
  • CONFIRMED: It is the last of the Phase 2 movies[53]
  • Steven Price may work on the music for the film. [54]
  • Filming will begin summer 2014.[55]
  • Filming will start by May 1 through October 1.[56]
  • The film may be shot in Pinewood Atlanta in Fayetteville, GA. [57]
  • CONFIRMED: Edgar Wright will no longer direct.
  • The studio is seeking out a new director.
  • DEBUNKED Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn may take over as director of the film. [58]
  • The studio are now looking at Rawson Thurber, Adam McKay, Ruben Fleischer, Nicholas Stoller, Michael Dowse, Peyton Reed and David Wain for the directing job. [59][60][61][62]
  • Rawson Thurber is now the frontrunner to direct the film.[63]


  • A sequel may feature Eric O'Grady as the new Ant-Man.[64]


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