Ant-Man Soundtrack

Ant-Man is the soundtrack of the 2015 film of the same name and comprised of music composed by Christophe Beck.

Track list

  1. Theme from Ant-Man
  2. Honey, I Shrunk Myself
  3. Escape from Jail
  4. Ant 247
  5. Paraponera Clavata
  6. San Francisco, 1987
  7. I'll Call Him Antony
  8. Tiny Telepathy
  9. First Mission
  10. Signal Decoy
  11. Old Man Have Safe
  12. Pym's Lab
  13. Antfiltration
  14. Your Mom Died a Hero
  15. Scott Surfs on Ants
  16. The Water Main
  17. CrossTech Break-In
  18. Into the Hornet's Nest
  19. Become the Hero
  20. Insecticide
  21. A Center for Ants!
  22. Cross Gets Cross
  23. Fight of the Bumblebee
  24. Ants on a Train
  25. Small Sacrifice
  26. About Damn Time
  27. Tales to Astonish!
  28. Borombon (Camilo Azuquita)
  29. Escape (Roy Ayers)
  30. I'm Ready (Commodores)
  31. Pink Gorilla (HLM)

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