Andrea Von Strucker
Alias(es) Viper
Appeared in Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Actor Sandra Hess

Andrea von Strucker is a member of the evil terrorist group HYDRA. She goes by the codename Viper.


Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

When her father went off, she and her brother were reuniting HYDRA splinter groups trying to bring them together. On a screen, Andrea has a talk with Nick Fury and says avenge is mine. Nick gets mad and asks, "who is that"? Someone replies Andrea von Strucker. He gets information about she and her family. Later, she has a talk with the attendances Osaka, Pracue, Lonoom, and Cairo on TV screens. She says angirly that HYDRA has been weak, and that tonight it will change.

She killed someone who dared to question her authority with a gun in front of the attendances. Then, Viper comes in, disguised, and harms Nick Fury. Andrea kisses Nick on the lips, poisoning him. She escapes, with Nick's eyesight going wrong. He is later put in a medical room.

She tells SHIELD that a virus has been sent to explode somewhere in Manhattan. They have until 6:00 to pay a million dollars. She warns them with advice.

When the attack comes in, Nick and his agents come across Viper and her aide but they capture everyone and throw them in a small prison. Other SHIELD agents let them escape. A fake version of him approaches her, battling she and her father. The real Nick Fury pops up, getting hold of her. She gets out and froze her father. Near the end of the battle, Andrea is put in a chair with handcuffs. She gets out, exploding the thing her father was froze in. Viper escapes from the area. She is nowhere to be found. Later in the film, her father survives and they reunite.

Character traits

She always wanted HYDRA to be alive and beyond forever. Anyone who gets in her way gets killed.





Non-canon (1 film)


  • In the comics, Madame Hydra also used the comename Viper.
  • In the comics, Andrea was a former wife of Wolverine.


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