Amara Aquilla
Amara Aquila
Alias(es) Magma
Appeared in X-Men Evolution: Ascension
Status Alive
Actor Alexandra Carter

Amara Aquilla, also known as Magma, is a mutant is who can generate and manipulate lava, and one of the New Mutants, a subgroup of the X-Men.


X-Men Evolution: Ascension

Amara helps defeat Apocalypse and his Horsemen.

Character traits

To be added

Powers and Abilities


  • Organic Magma Transformation: Magma is able to turn her skin into pure lava and so gaining her immunity to warm temperatures and environments.
    • Magma Generation: Magma can create, project, shoot, and blast lava from her own body.
    • Magma Manipulation: Magma can manipulate lava.
    • Superhuman Immunity: Magma is immune to extreme warm temperatures and environments.


  • X-Woman uniform: Amara wears a protective suit, when she is out on the field in battle.


Appearance/Voice Actresses


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