Amahl Farouk
Alias(es) Shadow King
Appeared in Legion
Status Alive
Actor Quinton Boisclair
Saïd Taghmaoui

Amahl Farouk is a centuries-old mutant whose mind resides in the Astral Plane and tormented David Haller throughout his life. To most other mutants, he is known as the Shadow King.


Legion prologue

Before David Haller was adopted, his biological father fought the Shadow King in a telepathic duel, which resulted in the body of the Shadow King being destroyed. However, his consciousness survived and was able to find David in his adopted home when he was an infant. Farouk nested himself in David's mind and fed off of him in order to regain his strength.

In David's childhood years, Farouk would alter several memories of David's in order to create images for himself, including a puppy named "King", and later as "The World's Angriest Boy in the World" from a sadistic children's book that Farouk concocted himself. Farouk tormented David throughout his life, including rewriting his memories, and feeding off of David's abilities to increase his own. At times David would catch a glimpse of Farouk's true appearance, which he referred to as "The Devil with the Yellow Eyes". Driven to near insanity by Farouk's constant torment and the weight of his growing powers, David attempted suicide, and was later committed to Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital.


Character traits

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  • Canon (1 TV series)
    • Legion (First appearance) - Quentin Boisclair

Behind the scenes

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