Amadeus Cho
Amadeus Cho
Appeared in The Incredible Hulk
Status Alive
Actor Martin Starr

Amadeus Cho is a student at Culver University.


The Incredible Hulk

An extremely brilliant student, Amadeus Cho studies at Culver University. He works in the computer class by night, and grants a visitor access to them in exchange of some pizza.

Character traits

Amadeus is a young genius, with a specialization in computer science. Despite his intelligence, he's often a bit naive.



Behind the scenes

  • Originally, Starr's role was credited as "Computer Nerd". It was revealed to be Cho in the film novelization.


  • In the comics, Amadeus is a supporter of both The Hulk and Hercules, and he's nicknamed Mastermind Excello.
  • In the comics, Amadeus' mother is Helen Cho