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Agent Carter is the soundtrack of the TV series of the same name composed by Christopher Lennertz.

Track list

  1. Peggy Remembers Cap
  2. Back Alley Surprise
  3. Bad Babies
  4. Typewriter Spy Messages
  5. Green Man Fight
  6. Blondes and Money
  7. Roxxon Plant Implosion
  8. Morning After Shooting
  9. Dairy Van Implosion
  10. Dottie's Training
  11. Forgot the Password
  12. Thompson's Navy Cross
  13. Instill Fear
  14. Dottie Sneaks In
  15. Peggy Saves Thompson
  16. Dottie and Doctor Plot
  17. Inside the Minds of Soldiers
  18. Interrogating Peggy
  19. Enter Dooley's Head
  20. Leviathan Is Coming
  21. I'm Invisible to You
  22. Doctor and Dottie Escape With Item
  23. Vest of Destruction
  24. Check the Rooftops
  25. Bring Him Home
  26. Badass Girl Fight
  27. We Have to Let Him Go
  28. Peggy Gets Her Respect
  29. Honored to Assist You


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