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A pool with boiling Adamantium in a Weapon X facility.

Adamantium is a metallic compound developed for Weapon X after using an unknown element found in a meteorite somewhere in Nigeria by William Stryker and Team X.

Stryker and the Weapon X team then proceeded to inject the adamantium into the skeleton and bone-claws of James Howlett. When he is later shot in the head with bullets made of the compound, he sustains severe intra-cranial trauma that induces extensive amnesia. Stryker later also gives similar claws to Yuriko Oyama extruding from the tips of her fingers.

Sabertooth was bonded to the Adamantium but the bonding process failed as his body rejected it.


  • Adamantium shares common characteristics with lonsdaleite, currently the 5th strongest material known to man. It is formed when meteorites containing graphite hit the Earth. Simulations show it to be 58% stronger than diamonds, but it is too rare to test. This is comparable to the properties of adamantium; it is extremely rare, extremely strong, and originates from outer space and is found in meteorites.
  • According to Stryker, Adamantium must be kept in a hot, liquefied state at all times to prevent it from hardening or cooling down into its unbreakable state.


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